Auxiliary Classes

Our diverse auxiliary classes are an integral part of the comprehensive education at First Pres Prep. We use experiential learning to continuously offer opportunities for students to expand their understanding of the world around them.
Integrated Technology

At First Pres Prep, technology is incorporated into classroom curricular activities in age appropriate ways. Students receive weekly instruction in the computer lab from a dedicated technology instructor, who introduces students to the proper use of computer components, a variety of software programs, keyboarding, digital art, and coding. All classrooms have additional computers, a SMARTboard, and the use of iPads to enhance learning.


Bible study classes bring the Bible alive for students! Learning iconic Bible stories and character archetypes enhance our students’ understanding of Christianity and world around them—providing a foundation that will deepen their knowledge of history, art, literature, and popular culture. They study both the Old and New Testaments and learn how God’s Word can guide and enrich their lives. All students participate in monthly chapel services led by the Pastor and upper grade students.


​Music offers a variety of experiences which include learning songs that support curriculum and school routines, appreciation of genres, aspects of music theory, and exposure to instruments. Students also enjoy choral skills and movement which culminate in performances throughout the year.

Physical Education

Physical Education at First Pres Prep incorporates exercise, fitness, games, teamwork and sportsmanship. Students begin to incorporate the rules and skills needed for team sports. All students have P.E. three times per week.

Discovery Lab

Scientific curiosity is inherent in all children. Our Discovery Lab offers students additional opportunities for hands-on exploration and discovery as they wonder, probe and problem solve. The lab compliments core concepts taught in the classroom. All students visit weekly.


Art instruction is integrated into classroom lessons as either standalone projects or in support of classroom learning. All students participate in Meet the Masters’, an award winning, hands-on art program. It brings to life the lives, talents, and styles of artists from all genres. Students learn about textures, color and contrast, brush strokes, and art mediums. Works produced by the students in the style and techniques of the great masters are showcased at our annual Art Museum and in the classroom.


The Spanish program encourages students to develop an awareness and appreciation of another culture. It provides a basic understanding of the language in the primary grades through oral language, games, and stories. Students in grades 3 through 5 have instruction in vocabulary and grammar as well as reading skills.


Our school Library strives to foster a love of reading by offering quality literature and reference resources for K-5th grade students. Weekly classroom visits and open reading periods allow students time to read for pleasure, research, and check out books.


We offer coding classes for students in grades K-5 starting from coding basics to advanced. Coding classes for grades K-2 teach skills like sequencing, patterning, and simple algorithm while incorporating programs such as Code-A-Pillar. Coding classes for grades 3-5 continue to build onto the skills they have developed and includes programs like Scratch, to teach coding controls, moving, sensing, and variables of change.


Robotics at First Pres is separated into two sections: Robotics for grades K-2 and Robotics for grades 3-5. In Robotics K-2, we create a strong base of understanding robotics, using programs such as Code-A-Pillar and Little Bits Droids in order to make this complex learning process as fun and accessible as possible. In Robotics 3-5, students continue to build onto their base knowledge of robotics, utilizing more advanced programs such as Ozobots and Blockly.

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