What is STEAM?

At First Pres Prep, we follow a STEAM emphasized curriculum in which we are consistently bringing the conversation back to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. STEAM includes an emphasis in the cognitive, physical and social emotional domains of development for students. By incorporating hands-on activities, we use the natural curiosity children have to animate critical thinking and problem solving skills.



Children are natural born scientists as they learn from others, explore the world around them and try to figure out how the world works. As they organically observe, ask questions, make predictions, try different things (experiment) and discuss, they engage in a scientific method. We harness these natural tendencies in children and provide opportunities to further explore the world around them through classroom study and hands-on learning in discovery lab. We get our hands dirty!


From birth, our children are surround by technology. Our educators care deeply about striking a balance between learning the twenty-first century skills that are valued in modern society and maintaining a healthy relationship with electronic devices. Within STEAM, technology also refers to anything that is man-made: simple tools, pulleys, levers, ramps and even scissors. We incorporate a variety of technology, from simple to complex, into every day lessons to understand cause and effect and how tasks are accomplished.
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Each day at First Pres Prep offers opportunities to learn and to solve problems. Engineering uses materials, design, craft and building as it applies to science, math and technology to solve problems. As our students incorporate a variety of materials and processes, they figure out how things work and why. That’s engineering.


As our students develop critical thinking skills and learn to effectively solve problems, they need to also be creative and innovative. Active and self-guided discovery are at the core of the arts and STEAM learning. From preschool to 5th grade, children who explore including creative and innovative thinking into problem solving enhance their cognitive development and increase their self-esteem.


Children incorporate math into their every day lives. At First Pres Prep, we expand our students’ awareness and application of math and math principles through differentiated learning and interactive experiences. From counting physical objects in preschool to practicing multiple rules in the upper grades, our students continually explore and master these concepts.

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