Kat Doutt
Kat, First Pres Alum

My Story:

My parents attended the church before I was born and enrolled me in the school because of the high quality of education and Christian values. First Pres. was a second home. I met my best friends there and felt cared for by every person on staff. I was known and loved. It was no question if I was going to stay or leave, I would have stayed longer if that was an option! The friendships formed at First Pres last a lifetime. I met my best friend when we were 2 and she was my maid of honor when I got married. As a student I was encouraged to do my best and was sought out by teachers when they noticed I was struggling. I felt confident in myself as I moved into the next stage of life. I was starting to understand who I was and was eager to keep learning. I knew who Jesus was and continued to serve Him my whole life. I got into my dream school (Seattle Pacific University) and got to serve as an RA there for two years. I have made my home in Seattle and am a University Recruiter at Microsoft.

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